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Classes Available

Hip Hop

Hip hop is an energetic class which infuses the latest styles of street dancing. Beginner/Younger Classes are a breakdown of the basic foundations of hiphop, house, popping and breakdance styles. During the classes you will learn old school moves and grooves that help you dance to any music. The intermediate classes also focus on the above styles but are more complex. It is a more intense class where you will learn tricks, for example: freezing, tutting or waving. Students will learn combined exercises with a choreographed dance. 


Commercial dance is a mix of Jazz and Street. Learning how to strut your stuff whilst having fun and boosting confidence. Commercial is the 'new style' of dance seen in pop music videos. Learn dance routines to the latest tracks.


Acro is a form of dance which includes tumbling tricks, cartwheels, flips and bendy moves. Dancers benefit from stretching & strengthening the muscles - acrobatics will improve your kicks, your posture and overall technique, strengthening core muscles and legs. This class is a core aspect as it will help flexibilty and agility. 





Urban Gym

Tumbling created by FootwrX. Want to learn how to Aerial, back flip, somersault etc.. This is your class.



Jazz is based on a modern dance. Through a series of technical exercises dancers will learn steps, skills and jazz combinations. Dancers will learn lots of different styles which will improve their technique and performance. Students will be taught how to execute high split leaps, kicks, turns, and pirouettes. Jazz dance will compliment every other dance form.


A fusion between ballet and jazz dance techinques. Lyrical/contemporary dance uses movements to express different emotions. Movements are charaterised by fluidity and grace, flowing moves, encoporating high kicks, turns and leaps. It is a very emotional style and tells a story through every movement.




ISTD Examinations



 Our ballet classes start from 1 years of age. Each class will learn the techniques of ballet whilst having fun. As the students develop their practice and discipline, they will progressively learn more defined precision of movements. Ballet will help develop co-ordination, strength, confidence and expression. Students will then proceed to Pointe ballet work.



Modern Theatre Dance is a fun upbeat class where children will learn different dance routines to a varied range of music. There is a set syllabus that students follow. ... The style of Modern Theatre uses big leaps, travelling jumps, high kicks, turns and travelling steps which all need strength and flexibility.



During tap classes students will learn the ability to develop their co-ordination, rhythm and style. They will learn a wide variety of tap styles progressing there technique. Younger classes are combined in Stage Class so the children get a taste of both.




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